Multiple artists

Re :
Nov. 18, 2015 to Dec. 23, 2015

Re: includes some thirty works from the gallery’s inventory. Created by different artists at various times, showing these works together reveals a number of surprising formal and conceptual analogies. Displayed according to their affinities, the exhibition offers the viewer some original combinations, through which the works appear to be directly inspired by each other, repeating a similar composition or conjuring the same atmosphere. A canvas fromJean-Sébastien Denis paired with an inkjet print by Jacques Hurtubise, a painting by Jessica Peters that seems similar to a photo by Serge Clément, and the ingenious side-by-side arrangement of works byJulie Ouellet and Michel Goulet are just a few examples of what will be on view. Taking a look at them from a fresh perspective, in which they can be seen as reflections of each other, Re: will invite new interpretations of these works.

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