Éliane Excoffier

Séries 1996-2011
Sept. 14, 2011 to Oct. 15, 2011

The work of Éliane Excoffier has always had a twofold inspiration: on the one hand, a predilection for the representation of the female body, and on the other, an interest in the history, techniques and tradition of photography. In her second solo exhibition at Galerie Simon Blais, she offers an overview of her work to date, as well as a new series of photographs giving pride of place to objects—in this instance, rather than being shown, the body is often only intimated through artifacts. Also, and for the very first time, Éliane Excoffier takes us outside her studio. All small in size, the works in this most recent series, like those preceding it, evoke narratives tinged with an implicit mystery. The catalogue Éliane Excoffier: bilan, 1996–2008, co-published by the Musée régional de Rimouski, Galerie Simon Blais and Toronto’s Stephen Bulger Gallery, and featuring an essay by Bernard Lamarche, will be launched in Montréal at the opening of this exhibition.

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