Julie Ouellet

Se tisser un chaos luxuriant – Prémices
Oct. 14, 2015 to Nov. 14, 2015

Se tisser un chaos luxuriant brings together some 30 recent works by Julie Ouellet.In them, by means of ink, acrylic paint, or wax, the artist explores the whole of the canvas or paper surface.

In her works Ouellet plots complex patterns of curved lines that call to mind knots or labyrinths, as well as the chaos of forests. For while the artist has long intertwined lines that come to dead ends, she now focuses on breaking up those lines, which unfurl in a tentacular, if not invasive, manner. The experiments on view are varied, as the exhibition presents small pieces warranting up-close examination, as well as large works in which viewers can lose themselves. 

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