Marc Séguin

Nov. 20, 2013 to Dec. 21, 2013

New exhibitions by Marc Séguin are always eagerly anticipated, and this latest does not disappoint with its presentation of some ten recent, large-format works. Constantly able to amaze his admirers, Séguin once again leads us into a world of his own making, this time plunging us into urban landscapes that have a certain air of the dramatic about them. Plastered with messages, barricaded, such places show a reality we would prefer removed from our sight. Shoving the failures of our do-gooder society under our noses, Séguin’s works challenge us—as well as remind us of life’s inherent beauty. In them can be recognized the artist’s ability to build on the tension created by various narrative and visual effects. Through the interplay of opposition and contrast, the economy of his means expresses the essence of a tragedy, and preserves all the evocative power of its representation.

This exhibition is held in collaboration with Mike Weiss Gallery (New York).

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