Marc Séguin

May 19, 2017 to July 8, 2017

The last exhibition of works by Marc Séguin held at the gallery, in 2013, was entitled Landscapes. At that time, the artist took us to city landscapes that had a certain air of the dramatic about them. His new series of “landscapes” has absolutely nothing in common with that urban world; in it, a human presence is only barely suggested here and there. This time, Marc Séguin presents us with the immensity of northern landscapes—bare expanses of land bathed in dazzling light in which one struggles to find one’s bearings. True to form, Séguin employs an economy of means to convey the feeling overwhelming us in the face of that northern environment, so little tread upon by humankind. He reminds us that we must show great humility in respect to the land.

Accompanying the exhibition of this series, which comprises some twenty paintings, is a catalogue containing an essay by art historian Nathalie Miglioli.

Born in Ottawa onMarch 20, 1970,Marc Séguin obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Concordia University. He currently divides his time between Montréal and Brooklyn. His first solo exhibition in 1996 featured large works with amazing visual effects. Attracting favourable attention from both critics and collectors, the show launched his career. A talented printmaker as well as a prolific painter, Marc Séguin’s work received the recognition of the curators of the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal in 2000, when they invited him to present a solo show there that year, which consisted of a series of large canvases on the theme of medieval rose windows. Marc Séguin is also a novelist (La foi du braconnier,2009 [Poacher’s Faith, 2013], Hollywood,2012 [Hollywood: A New York Love Story, 2014], Nord Alice,2015) and, since 2016, a filmmaker (Stealing Alice).

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