Marc Séguin

Entre matrice et ruine
Aug. 10, 2013 to Sept. 7, 2013

Galerie Simon Blais has brought together a very comprehensive collection—over forty works from every stage of his career—of Marc Séguin’s prints. The artist’s work is known for its minimalist aesthetic and often disturbing, or at the very least unsettling, subject matter, with its frequent focus on the past, whether that might involve a certain view of tragic events (as in the exhibition Black Box), famous criminal figures, or portraits of artists (his tributes to Borduas, Gaucher and Molinari come to mind in that respect). Séguin has a propensity for tension. Through compositions and visual strategies relying on the interplay of contrasts and conflicts, he uses extremely limited means to convey the essence of a tragic event, while at the same time preserve all the evocative power of its representation. Its distinctive iconography and technique have seen to it that the Séguin “style” is now firmly established. The print, certainly a very personal medium, but one that also affords a wealth of daring creative innovations and complexities, has enabled Marc Séguin to combine what are considered incompatible techniques and allowed him the freedom to mix them on a single sheet of paper, or from one plate to another.

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