Multiple artists

Coups de coeur 2e état
Aug. 5, 2009 to Sept. 5, 2009

It was exceedingly difficult to choose from among the many works by contemporary Canadian and European artists that have been shown at the gallery over the course of its 20-year history; for that reason, we decided to show works by the local artists we continue to represent, who enable us to approach our work with so much enthusiasm and without whom the gallery would not exist. Featuring works from the 1990s until today, the exhibition will provide a showcase for the gallery’s roster of painters, sculptors and photographers, including Stéphanie Béliveau, Carol Bernier, Michel Campeau, Bertrand Carrière, Serge Clément, Jean-Sébastien Denis, Eliane Excoffier, Catherine Farish, Violaine Gaudreau, Michel Goulet, Dominique Goupil, Peter Hoffer, Jacques Hurtubise, Denis Juneau, Rita Letendre, François-Xavier Marange, Julie Ouellet, Louise Robert, Marc Séguin, Françoise Sullivan, Irene F. Whittome and Max Wyse. Guest artists: Ross Bonfanti and Mathieu Valade.

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