Louise Robert

Œuvres récentes
May 8, 2013 to June 15, 2013

The exhibition Recent Paintings, by Louise Robert, includes seven new large canvases, as well as ten small works by the artist. Continuing to be characterized by dense workings of paint, Robert’s canvases have lightened in the past year. Moving away from deeply dark, yet nonetheless coloured, shades, the artist is now exploring the dazzling whiteness of light. Colour still has its place in these works, but it is only hinted at, not splashed in great swaths before our eyes. As Ji-Yoon Han writes in the catalogue for this exhibition: “Such whiteness, even though it represents nothing, is neither abstract nor austere, and still less atmospheric. On the contrary, it is sensuous, tissue veined with pinks or blues, at times pierced by a layer of black, or shot with burnt orange hues, bending under the hand of the artist, winding in mazes of restless curves, twisting, convolving into a blaze of sparks—the product of pure, raw painting.”

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