Jean-Sébastien Denis

Feb. 25, 2015 to April 4, 2015

Intrications showcases the most recent paintings by Jean-Sébastien Denis, a Montréal artist whose last solo exhibition dates back to 2011. Last year, Denis created a monumental public artwork made up of 54 huge canvases for the McGill University Health Centre. In parallel with the execution of that impressive mural, the painter has produced personal works of varying dimensions. Passing with ease from small to large compositions (from 13 x 15 cm to 182 x 282 cm in size), in these paintings Denis has freely taken advantage of the formal strategies developed for the mural. His current work thus features intermingled shapes and lines suspended before what are now dark backgrounds. Like so many visual rhymes, the intertwined graphic elements also answer each other from one painting to the next, indicating the creative approach of the artist, who, moving back and forth among them, works on a number of paintings at the same time. Juggling with the notions of control and accident, Jean-Sébastien Denis once again provides evidence of his great skill in the treatment of the medium.

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