Carol Bernier

Herbier de ville
Nov. 28, 2018 to Jan. 19, 2019

Opening: Wednesday, November 28, at 6 p.m. 

This new exhibition from Carol BernierHerbier de ville, brings together some fifteen recent works on canvas and paper. 

More concerned with suggesting, rather than illustrating, Bernier’s painting speaks to its eternal challenge, that of delivering up to our view, through the power of the work, an inner reality. Here landscapes are conjured up, and exalted.  

In respect to the herbier, the herbarium, Bernier has kept the idea of a compendium or collection. Until the 15th century, before the time they included specimens of dried plants, the term “herbarium” referred to books on botany. By extension, this “urban herbarium” alludes to the shards of memory and motley pieces the artist has gleaned along the way to creating her art. Carol Bernier is particularly interested in sensory memories and the traces left by the environment deep within her memory, then in what emerges spontaneously in her work.          

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