Jean-Sébastien Denis, Graeme Patterson

Graeme Patterson et Jean-Sébastien Denis
Sept. 9, 2009 to Oct. 3, 2009

Our Gallery 2 will be the setting for the project Taming the Wild, by Canadian artist Graeme Patterson. During a residence at the 2008 International Symposium of Contemporary Art in Baie-Saint-Paul, he was inspired by the other artists present to create, using a number of different materials, a series of small animal figures that he subsequently photographed in various positions. The exhibition presents the resulting series of photographs, as well as the model sets and figurines themselves. 

The exhibition Diaphonie presents five new paintings by Jean-Sébastien Denis, who continues to extend the complex exploration of the blend of graphic patterns and formal elements he has been pursuing for close to ten years. “Denis’ works deal with movement and the instability of objects,” explains Katrie Chagnon, author of the catalogue recently published by Éditions Simon Blais. As she points out, “His approach to abstraction is inspired by a visual and physical experience of the world, its chaotic turbulence and the multiple realities it contains.” 

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