Alexis Lavoie

Faits divers
Aug. 12, 2017 to Sept. 30, 2017

This exhibition by Alexis Lavoiepresents two groups of works. The first is made up of small paintings from the series Faits divers. Those canvases are based on existing images, whether photographs found on the web, taken from films or by the artist himself. While some of those images are sharp and clear, others, rendered in a hazier manner, border on the abstract. Sometimes disturbing and sometimes comical, these environments become fully meaningful when placed side by side, with nightmarish visions paralleling joyful images in the eclectic ensemble.

The second group comprises works from the artist’s series Jardins. In these landscapes of brightly coloured skies, devoid of any human presence, Alexis Lavoie presents the scattered remains of objects, the seeming evocation of a disaster.  

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