Alexis Lavoie

Sept. 15, 2022 to Oct. 29, 2022

Opening: September 15, from 5 to 8 p.m.

Alexis Lavoie presents a group of canvases that are a continuation of his previous work in painting. In them can be seen an accumulation and association of fragmented images, resulting in a distortion of the world around us, as in his still lifes, with their commingling of fruit and limbs (the severed legs of dolls). In an intentional attempt to get a hold on the present moment, his work tackles subjects such as isolation, loneliness, artificiality, violence, childhood and the pursuit of happiness.

Image: Alexis Lavoie, Manipulations 1, 2022, Oil on canvas

Vidéo directed by Vincent Lafrance with music by Christian Messier

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