Michel Campeau, Bertrand Carrière, Serge Clément

Campeau, Carrière, Clément : Accumulations
Sept. 4, 2015 to Oct. 10, 2015

Coinciding with Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal, the new exhibition at the Galerie Simon Blais features the work of three of its major photographic artists:Michel Campeau,Bertrand Carrière, andSerge Clément. Mounted by photography historian and independent curatorZoë Tousignant, the exhibitionCampeau, Carrière, Clément: Accumulationswill showcase some fifty works in the gallery’s three rooms.

“Bringing together the work of Campeau, Carrière, and Clément seems like a natural, almost inevitable project. Within their individual practices, these artists, who have been friends for over three decades, share a way of creating and exploiting the photographic image that uses accumulation as a working principle. Presenting three recent projects – Campeau’s The Donkey That Became a Zebra(2014–2015), Carrière’s Le Capteur(2006–2014), and Clément’s Chassé-croisé (2005–2013) – the exhibition seeks to foreground this common understanding of the photograph as an image/object whose meaning derives from its place within an extensive grouping. Accumulations showcases recent developments in these photographers’ respective practices, but it also proposes a reflection on the past – of a friendship, a photographic community, and a period of photography’s history.”    — Zoë Tousignant

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