Rita Letendre

Peintures 2003-2013
Jan. 22, 2014 to March 8, 2014

The exhibition Paintings 2003–2013, by Rita Letendre, brings together a large selection of oil on canvas works representing a decade’s worth of intense creativity. In them can be seen the clear gestuality and dynamic pictorial compositions that have characterized the output of this artist, active since the late 1940s. Often comprising horizontal swaths of highly contrasted colour painted on the diagonal, Letendre’s works exude a powerful energy that is not without a meditative quality.

On display at the same time in Gallery 3 will be a group of works on paper created by Letendre in the 1960s. The artist then favoured casein as a medium, restricting herself to a palette that consisted mainly of black and a few bright colours. Such a minimalist approach enabled her to exploit a rich graphic vocabulary with artful spontaneity.

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