Marie-Eve Beaulieu

On m'avait pourtant dit de ne pas dépasser
May 11, 2016 to June 23, 2016

This exhibition of recent works by Marie-Eve Beaulieu, On m’avait pourtant dit de ne pas dépasser, includes some ten small and medium-sized paintings. Thoroughly committed to examining and exploring painterly gesture and technique, Marie-Eve Beaulieu creates self-referential abstract art.

In executing the works that will be on view at Galerie Simon Blais, therefore, the painter took her inspiration from the traces and remnants left by a controlled working of the medium on the support. For example, appropriating a stroke of colour that went beyond a piece of tape used to mask the canvas, she repeats it, like a motif, to such an extent that it is pushed to the forefront of the composition. The accidents of the medium being central to her approach, in these works the artist develops a repertory of pictorial fragments that reveal a process and a personal iconography.

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