François-Xavier Marange

Aug. 10, 2013 to Sept. 7, 2013

This exhibition, which will include some fifteen acrylic paintings and ten works on paper by François-Xavier Marange, will provide visitors with an overview of the career of a wonderful artist who died in the fall of 2012. The compositions of this “painter of slowness” are imbued with a serene calm, reflecting the rich interior life that resulted from a total devotion to literature, music, and the creation of visual artworks. Throughout his career, Marange developed an aesthetic featuring strange, yet almost recognizable, forms that bordered on artifacts. His work is characterized by an economy of means, and a powerful formal clarity. “In the society in which we live, swamped with visual information, in which images pass in front of and move past us at lightning speed, Marange’s work instead stands out for its spareness, simplification and essentiality. It asks for—and requires—silent contemplation.” (Excerpt from Architecturer la matière, by Jean de Julio-Paquin.)

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