Inauguration of the mural in tribute to Françoise Sullivan

Oct. 3, 2023

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of this essential figure in Quebec visual art, MU produced the tallest mural in Montreal ever created in homage to Françoise Sullivan: nearly 21,000 square feet (300 feet high). by 64 feet wide) in the heart of downtown, on the wall of the Hyatt Hotel, at the corner Sainte-Catherine / Saint-Hubert.

The model of the mural was designed with Françoise Sullivan, and is inspired by several of her works from the Les Damiers series. It is produced by the talented MU team, composed of Benjamin Tran, Diane Roe, Jenna Schwartz, Marianne Blondeau-D’Amour and Nikki Küntzle, under the supervision of the two artists responsible for the project Arnaud Grégoire and Julien Sicre. Sullivan seeks in her paintings the emotion of the moment experienced intensely, seeking to awaken this sensation of self in an ephemeral moment, a painting effect reinforced by her expressive brushstrokes and her preference for large format paintings which immerse the viewer in her artistic universe. This effect was recreated on the mural by our artists in honor of Sullivan’s techniques.

It will become the 30th mural in the Bâtisseur·e·s culturel·le·s montréalais·es collection, initiated by MU in 2010 and aimed at highlighting the invaluable contribution of the metropolis’s creators from different artistic disciplines, whether they are Montrealers by origin or by adoption, to the local, national and international influence of the Montreal cultural scene.

Text taken from MU's website

Photos: Olivier Bousquet for MU