Focus on Julie Ouellet's work

Jan. 28, 2021

Discover the work of Julie Ouellet, whose first solo exhibition at the gallery dates back to 2004.

"Oscillating between precision and drifting, Julie Ouellet's work is made up of paradoxes with the technique of drawing as a constant. One wanders and sometimes gets lost following the sinuous and intertwined lines that make up her work. There are many detours. Resembling in turn topographical maps, labyrinthine or organic motifs, her works seem to function in the same way as reminiscences: those moments when we try to remember the contours of a landscape.

A beautiful exhibition retracing her career is being prepared at 1700 La Poste and should be held next spring!"

- Nora Saïeb, Galerie Simon Blais

Left to right:
Flânerie (n/b) 15-05, 2015, acrylic ink on paper, 28.5 x 38 cm, $500 unframed.
Se contraindre à se perdre (de biais) # 08.11.18, 07.05.19, 2019, ink on paper, 28.5 x 38 cm, $800 framed.
Chemins détournés 12-14, 2012, ink and graphite on paper, 38 x 28.5 cm, $700 framed.