Focus on "Faire des piles" by Marie-Eve Beaulieu

Jan. 27, 2021

Today we offer you a look at the collage series "Faire des piles" (2020) by Marie-Eve Beaulieu. All of Marie-Eve's work is based on the traces and residues of the studio that constantly serve as material for the next work.

Several of these works are available at the gallery.

"Faire des piles is the result of a series of simple actions; move, tidy up, sort, retrieve, throw away. The work appears through the repetition of these gestures; it is only one step in the process in which actions come and go. Incompleteness and randomness are part of these collages composed of sketches, studio notes and unfinished print cuts. In the pursuit of L'image fuyante, these stacks reveal, and at the same time mask, the intimacy of the work in progress."

- Marie-Eve Beaulieu

"Faire des piles" #1, #3, #7 et #8, 2020, collage on papier, approx. 19.5 x 15 cm. Price: $400 unframed/$500 framed (plus taxes) each.