Coming in May: a Trio of Contemporary Painters

April 29, 2022

In one month, it will be painting time Galerie Simon Blais as we will simultaneously present the recent works of three contemporary painters!

Opening May 21. More information in our Facebook event.

Jean-Sébastien Denis will present "Constructions and chromatic aberrations", an exhibition composed of two series of paintings, one of large format, the other of smaller works. His new production incorporates inkjet prints to his canvases and the resulting trompe-l'oeil effect is quite striking. He continues the intensive use of colour that he began last year. The Galerie has represented him since 2002. A retrospective catalog covering the last 20 years of his artistic production will be available. Room 1.

Frédérique Ulman-Gagné will present her first exhibition at the gallery. It will be composed of recent works on canvas and wood and is entitled "Paysages que je n'ai jamais vu: deuxième dialogue"; it is based on the life of Baba, her grandmother who recently passed away. Her new works are abstract interpretations of landscapes. A graduate of UQAM and Concordia University, her work has been exhibited in numerous Montreal galleries including Dominique Bouffard, McClure Gallery and Occurrence. Room 2.

Mark Stebbins presents works produced over the past two years in a style he has mastered to perfection: an extremely precise application of paint. His recent paintings borrow recurring motifs from the quilt and explore new subjects. The small size of his paintings will not prevent the viewer from getting lost for a long time, as there is so much to see. Room 3.